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At Silver Falcon, we take a unique and fresh approach to the above oft repeated line. Machines definitely build your business, but not without the human powers that is your grit and determination. Therefore, we make sure that while you are responsible for the zeal to run your business, your machines are able to match your dedication and technology doesn’t fail you at any level. Maintenance is perhaps the most crucial of all IT support you need. Machines need humans not only to operate but also to take care of them. Selecting the right technology for the growth of your business and life and proper installation of same is only half the job. It is very necessary to make sure that optimum measures are taken for continuous regulation and maintenance of your machines, servers, computers, scanners, PABX systems etc. Ignoring this aspect of your business can be detrimental to the health and speed of your business conduction. An Annual Maintenance contract is a one year (which can be extended further as per need) agreement between the IT support and maintenance company and a business house for maintenance, regulation, monitoring, resolution and protection of IT machines being used by the latter so that regular maintenance can be ensured and fear of breakdowns is only a fear and actual breakdowns can never bring your business dealings to a halt. Thus, with the right Annual Maintenance Contract, you can ensure maximum productivity.

However, we know how difficult and annoying it can be if you have to hire multiple maintenance companies. Therefore, Silver Falcon houses a comprehensive team of experienced IT experts who provide maintenance and monitoring of all types of IT machines. Thus, Silver Falcon is a one stop solution to all your IT support and Maintenance needs.

Our Annual Maintenance Contracts are feasible, flexible and custom tailored to suit your specific and particular needs. We never over-charge our customers as efficiency and cost-effectiveness are central ethics of our company. We deliver services at the beck of your call while ensuring that you never have to call, as with Silver Falcon Annual Maintenance Contracts, your machines never get sick!



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