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We provide a full range of technology services and support to member driven organizations. In accomplishing this, we maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, dedication and quality possible.



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What We Offer

Our hardware and software solutions are built by some of the leading brands in the industry that give high priority to quality, performance and value for money. We not only offer best quality hardware and software packages, but also provide professional support at all levels, including selection of the right package, installing it and implementing it.
It is our goal to provide our customers with prompt, courteous service and guide them through the maze of technology. In doing so, we will help our customers achieve a level of superior productivity and member service for their organization. In the course of business, we will provide this high level of sales and support service to other organizations in the products or services already offered to the association industry.

  • Strategy & assessment services 80%
  • Integration services 45%
  • Implementation services 95%

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding all the many computing resources at Mines can take awhile. Fortunately, help is available. The Sliverfalcon provides many resources to help you with all aspects of computing at Mines.

What hardware and software do I need to use the campus housing network?
You should have a 10/100 network interface card in your computer and the appropriate drivers, a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer.
What constitutes unauthorized use of software?
All legal software is supplied with a license. This applies whether the software is acquired for use on one or a number of networked machines, or preinstalled as part of a system. Violating the terms of the license constitutes unauthorized use of the software. Check the applicable license for the specific terms that apply to you.
Examples of unauthorized use include:
Copying a software program purchased legitimately and using it on more computers than authorized by the software license.
Gaining illegal access to protected software, also known as “cracking.”
Reproducing or distributing counterfeit software.
Preinstalling software programs on computers without providing the accompanying software license.
What are the risks of using counterfeit software?
There are several risks associated with using counterfeit software:
Illegal software often lacks important elements and documentation, and does not include warranty protection or upgrade options.
Counterfeit disks may be infected with viruses that can damage hard drives or cripple networks.
Copying or using illegally copied software puts your company at risk for copyright infringement; legal action against your company can result in negative PR.
Counterfeit software that is not functional or contains a virus wastes company resources and increases IT costs.
Using counterfeit software may lead to civil penalties and criminal prosecution.

I liked your service, explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. Mesa

Quick, highly efficient,and cost-effective service brought to you by really nice people. What else could a customer ask for? Peter

When our hard drive went out I called and had a response in no time. He was able to take a look at the computer immediately after the phone call and had news on the problem within two hours after dropping off the computer. It was fixed the very next day and the price was VERY reasonable. Joy

Silverfalcon is a premier and most sought-after IT support and maintenance services provider based in UAE. From the very outset, it has been the object of our zeal to provide integrated, holistic, efficient and expeditious, cost-effective IT support to companies and individuals. We are one of the very few companies who understand the inseparable companionship of software excellence and hardware support. At Silverfalcon, supreme IT support for our clients is our passion and pledge. Our IT support services are not just limited to mere technical solutions for random defaults in software and hardware systems, but encompasses the whole capacious arena of technology, both software and hardware. As your IT support and IT services provider, we steadfastly ensure that the best of technology out there is available to you. Fulfilling your technology needs and helping you understand how technology can serve you in a masterful way is the USP of our organization. We are not just IT services and support, we are the lifeline regulators of your software and hardware systems feeding them the right nutrition without fail.

Our organization is a leading and perhaps only company which has strong foot-holds in all IT support and solutions. We have a vast experience in the field of IT Setup, Strategy & Assessment Services, Integration Services, Implementation Services, Warranty Services, Hardware support and software support for our clients, best and authentic software and hardware sales according to your personal and professional needs.

In accomplishing this, we maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, dedication and quality possible. It is our goal to provide our customers with prompt, courteous service and guide them through the maze of technology. Our software and hardware solutions are constructed according to your needs so that you can extract as much value for your money as possible. Efficiency is our core value meaning that our software and hardware solutions address all your basic needs in the most cost-effective manner. We stand by our clients right from helping them to select the best IT solution to installing and implementing it in a professional manner. We build relationships forever and your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority.

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